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ronnie coleman king whey 5 lbs chocolate brownie


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  • Weight : 5 lb

Product Short Description

No. of Serving - 69
Serving Size - 33g
Protein Per Serving - 25g
veg/non veg - Vegetarian
Goal - Muscle Building,Muscle Recovery

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1)Ronnie Coleman King Whey Protein helps in muscle building and increasing strength.
2)Ronnie Coleman Protein is enriched with digestive enzymes for easy digestion.
3)It contains 25g total protein, 20g whey concentrate, 5g of Whey Isolate with only 2g sugar per scoop.
4)It also helps to provide rapid muscle recovery after intense workout sessions.
5)Ronnie Coleman King Whey Protein is a dairy based protein, which helps to support lean muscle gain and may also trigger fat loss.