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Proence Nutrition Mass Gainer 1 kg Chocolate


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  • Weight : 12 lb

Product Short Description

Now you can add calories without cramming more meals in your daily schedule. Customized for bodybuilders and athletes, this is THE weight gain supplement they were looking for. Enriched by a range of high quality proteins & carbohydrates, this assists in protein absorption thus fitting the bodybuilders´┐Ż agenda of lean muscle gain while avoiding fat.Proence Mass Gainer contains Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fibers and essential Vitamins & minerals which are generally overlooked by most fitness enthusiasts but form an important constituent for the same. Take these weight gainers, and refuel your body with the energy of competing yourself! This is the time to act and not ponder.Directions: For adults, mix 1 scoop of Proence Mass Gainer, with 250ml of cold water or milk. For best results, consume 1-4 serving daily. To support positive nitrogen balance, serious athletes should consume approximately 1g protein of per kg body weight spread over 4-6 small meals per day.For Best Results: Take 2 servings daily, On training day take one of your two servings within 30 minutes of your workout.

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Calories:-390 kcal/100 grams , Fat :- 2 Grams/100 Grams , Colestrol :-40 mg /100 Grams , L Glutamine:- 200 mg/100 Grams , Total Carbohydrates :- 73 gram/ 100 Grams , Sugar:- 20 Grams/100 Grams , Protein :- 20 Grams /100 Grams , Creatine monohydrate:- 2 Gram / 100 Grams , sodium:- 13 mg /100 Grams, calcium :- 0