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Proence Nutrition Dazzle Glucose-1 kg Orange


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  • Weight : 12 lb

Product Short Description

DAZZLE The Best Source of Instant Energy. With minerals, Vitamins and Antioxidant. In a refreshing delicious pineapple flavor. It is specifically designed for the use of sports persons athletes Body Builders in all ages for regular intake.DAZZLE may be used as a nutritional health drink for general health, underweight, old aged, growing children teen-agers and mental and physical development for all. It may also be taken to make feel fresh in weakness fatigue and lethargy.DAZZLE is must for sustaining high intensity works out and is ideal for maintaining energy during extra long training sessions. It may also be used as a powerful weight gaining supplement. It should not be taken by diabetics.DIRECTIONS: 1 to 2 heaped table spoonful in a glass of water (200 ml approx.) Before, during and after exercise. It can used with other food supplement also.FOR BEST RESULTS: Consume one serving 45-60 minutes prior to and/or one serving immediately after exercise.

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