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Isolate protein (13)

Concentration of all good things - Isolate Protein

A whey protein in a more concentrated format is called an Isolate Protein. Both originate from the same source, that is milk. But the manufacturing process differs. In that Isolate protein is a much superior from of protein product with a lower content of lactose and fat.

Concentrated product for the extra effect

It contains all the nine essential amino acids. It is used by athletes and weight watchers to help increase muscle synthesis and increase the growth of lean tissue mass. The use of this in regard to whey protein depends on the body and its absorption capacity.

Buy effective Isolate Protein online

This product is generally prescribed to the lactose intolerant. We stock many different brands of products at the Isolate Protein online store. This makes it easy for you to compare the benefits of the products before you buy the one suited for your needs.