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Big Muscles Weight Gainers 1 kg Chocolate


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  • Weight : 2.2 lb

Product Short Description

No. of Serving - 10
Serving Size - 18
Protein Per Serving - 18
veg/non veg - Vegetarian
Goal - Bulking Up

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Big Muscles Nutrition presents this xtreme weight gainer that gets you a "Wining Befecta" for growth and performance. Big muscles weight gainer features the scientifically advanced Tri-Phase carbohydrate sources, com (Maltodextrin) and rice. a sophisticated fibrous, super low glycaemic carbohydrate with a 10 hour release time to increase power and size. A serving of 50gms of Big Muscles Weight Gainer taken three times a day will provide approximately 22.5g of Amino Acid rich protein for muscles building punch, 111g of Energy rich complex carbohydrates, 3g of fat with essential vitamins and minerals to support anabolic development down to the molecule level. Moreover, this chocolate flavoured weight gainer comes in powdered form and helps in exercise recovery with muscle building. The product is suitable for even vegetarians.