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Big Muscle Muscle Mass 1 kg Chocolate


Weight: Flavour:


  • Weight : 2.2 lb

Product Short Description

No. of Serving - 10
Serving Size - 22.5g
Protein Per Serving - 22.5g
veg/non veg - Vegetarian
Goal - Bulking Up

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Owning a hulking frame completed with wide shoulders, big arms, powerful chest and back and a set of tree trunk legs becomes easy with this chocolate flavoured weight gainer from the house of Big Muscle Nutrition. Bodybuilders and hard trainers are always looking for a supplement to help them gain weight fast. You can achieve your goal of increasing power and size with this protein. Now, whether you are stuck in frustrating growth plateau or just have a hard time packing on mass, you now have help breaking though your roadblock. It is called Big Muscles Xtreme Muscle Mass. Additionally, this powder form weight gainer is suitable for vegetarians as well.