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About Us

We are one of the foremost online sports Supplement Companies, located in the national capital, New Delhi. Our amazing online Health & Nutrition tips are available round the clock for the ones who are concerned about their physique. Our fitness industry is popularly known for the products that have gained immense recognition among common people in past few years. Currently, we get countless messages from our satisfied customers and the curious ones, seeking advice on regular basis.

Foundation of Intensekart

The inception of Intensekart took place in 2013. Mr Raghubir Singh and his daughter-in-law, Mrs Charanjeet Kaur laid  the foundation stone for this organization. After opening the store, the next step which stroke the mind of the founders was to display this store online on the web so that most of the public can reach their legitimate and healthy sports supplements. We are now dominating the market as the sole manufacturer, distributor and the wholesaler backed by the office in New Delhi.

Omnipresent manufacturer and distributor

Intensekart is one of the omnipresent online Aesthetic and Athletic supplements manufacturing and retailing companies and is located in the national capital, New Delhi. We have been in this business since 2013 as the leading manufacturer, distributor and retailer providing, various nutritional supplements that are healthy and 100% tested by WHO.

Make a purchase from our online store at a reasonable price

We contact our customers directly without involving any middlemen or you can say, distributors. Our customers don't have to pay attention to the prices as all the sports supplements can be bought at a reasonable wholesale price. Intensekart has gained a huge success in a very short span of time and this is the reason that it has a huge clientele throughout the country.